A Comment You Have To See

Obviously I love all my comments, but I got one for my “Cooked Bananas” post everyone just needed to see, and, since everyone doesn’t always read the comments, I had to post it here

Lyn Meeker wrote:

So I “Took one for the team” … I had some sliced ham .. I had banana’s .. I didn’t have cheese sauce … but I took a piece of banana and wrapped the ham around it and tasted it… all I can say is .. I don’t think the cheese sauce would have helped it at all .. I don’t think it would have disguised the odd taste and most certainly not the very weird texture between the ham and banana… And heating it all up would not have improved it one bit! .. I’m so glad that you were able to convince the nurse of your need for cafeteria food! And it makes you wonder if the cooking staff were having a contest to see who could come up with the weirdest concoctions!

Talk about courage. You are awesome Lyn.  I think she deserves a shoutout from the team.  Check yes if you agree, and/or leave one of your own in the comments.

3 Responses to A Comment You Have To See

  1. Lyn Meeker says:

    Thanks Jason! And everyone who “voted” .. I’m telling you .. don’t EVER try it .. I can still “TASTE” it!

  2. Linda Miller says:

    OK lyn, are you going to try for the corned beef and banana casserole?

    agg, I gagged again….

  3. LisaW says:

    A real trooper you are there, Lyn! Substitute tongue?! Oh, YUCK!

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