Sudoku: The Puzzle With All The Answers

A finished Sudoku puzzle

A finished Sudoku puzzle

About a year ago I became a part of the Sudoku craze. I was getting ready to go on a big trip, and that meant loading up my iPod with new music and maybe a movie or two. It was around that time Apple allowed you to load games onto your iPod as well. Looking around for a game that would give me something to do on the plane, I decided on Sudoku.

I had never really played the game before, but I’d heard that it was fun and one that could effectively eat up some time. The game had good ratings on iTunes and so I decided to spend the $7.99 and take a chance.

Later, on the plane, the flight attendants let us know that we were cleared to use our electronic devices. I pulled out my iPod, opened up the game, and within about 15 minutes I was addicted. I played the game on the entire flight, throughout the entire weekend, during the flight home, and every night for the next two months. It got to a point where I would play it deep into the night, and then, when I finally tried to go to sleep I would see the empty boxes in my dreams.

It was in the midst of this compulsion that I realized that lying in front of me on my iPod was actually an excellent type for life.

The only way you can win at the game of Sudoku is to make sure that every line and every square is perfectly completed with the numbers one through nine. Each number however, can only be used once. That way, every line and every square uses each number carefully and uniquely.

Like the numbers in Sudoku’s squares, we are all each of us unique. There is only one  “1”, only one ”2”, and so on. Also, just like the puzzle, we work hard to find the place where we belong. If we try to hard to be just like the other numbers in our line or square things begin to fall apart.

In the end, the game is only successfully completed when all the spots are filled with their unique values. Like the puzzle, our experience in this lifetime fails if it is simply filled with a different version of the same person. Conversely, our lives are complete when they are filled with people from all walks of life, with all sorts of experiences and any “number” of ideas.

So, let’s use Sudoku every day by being comfortable with who we are, not worrying about copying others. Let’s keep our “value” by being true to who we are. And, let’s fill the lines and squares of our lives with people that are different, always learning from their unique experiences. Following these instructions, our lives will become more rich, successful, and complete.

Sudoku really is the puzzle with all the answers.



4 Responses to Sudoku: The Puzzle With All The Answers

  1. Linda O says:

    Hi Jason! I love how you have taken this addictive puzzle and compared it to ones life.
    I became addicted to this puzzle 2-3 years ago! I was on a training class once and everytime we had a break I would haul it out and start doing a puzzle. By the end of the week, I was bringing in photocopies for the class! I had them hooked as well!
    Sometimes my husband and I will do a very challenging one together while having our Sunday breakfast together. Othertimes we will each take one and challenge each other as to who can finish first!!
    They are alot of fun!

  2. Michelle says:

    Ohhhhh…scrapbook inspiration! I, too, have sudoku-itis along with a very serious case of scrapbook-itis. I’m going to make a scrapbook page today of a completed sudoku puzzle and every block that contains the number 2 (I just like the number 2!) is going to have a picture of my son. The journaling will be my version of the story you shared reminding him how he’s a unique and necessary part of the whole. Thanks, Jason!

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