…And Now For Something Completely Different

I thought today I’d offer up something different.  I’ve attached a video clip of me doing what I do. This is a clip of me speaking about gratitude. If it sounds familiar it’s because I’ve already posted this story written here. But, reading it and seeing it presented are two different things. Enjoy, and tell me what you think.



9 Responses to …And Now For Something Completely Different

  1. Sue says:

    Loved the presentation – thanks Jason. It’s funny the things you take for granted and forget to appreciate – like 99 on your list. Helps put things in perspective – it’s easy to be grateful for the big ticket items – the first 25 on the list, but it’s perhaps the ability to acknowledge and appreciate the last 25 every day as much is what I need to work on. Thank you.

  2. Heidi Covino Luekenga says:

    Jason! You truly haven’t changed a bit since you were 15 – okay – well, that ONE thing! I remember one day you were in school running through the halls – then you were gone -for months – and you came back – and the only thing that changed was you had your own parking spot! I was so amazed by your always positive attitude – something when a 15 year old faces will make or break them! You’re such an inspiration – of course, you know this – this is what you do best – inspire! What an incredible presentation! Thanks for sharing! – Heidi

  3. Sara Amuso says:

    WOW, that’s all I can say…you are a very charismatic, powerful speaker…You have a true gift and I would compare you to John Kennedy or Barack Obama….captivating…
    thank you for sharing!


  4. Julie says:


    Thank you for sharing your grateful heart and message…..it came at just the right time.

    We are currently dealing with my father-in-laws cancer, every day life stuff, and so much more….and your message really hit home for me today.

    I love the idea of 100 things to be grateful for…think I am going to start on that in the morning.

    Really want to sign up for your class with Kolette at BPS…is it too late to sign up for the January class?

    Six weeks until your little miracle arrives….you and Kolette are both in my prayers for a healthy and safe delivery of your baby boy! God is good!

    Thanks for sharing your heart, your thoughts and fears, and your messages!

  5. George and June Hobson says:

    We love you Jason. We’ll be watching for the first reports on the new generation. We are thrilled for you and Kolette. We really miss all the Halls. We’ll look for an opportunity to see y’all again. Our baby Kyle is engaged to be married in May. Someday I’ll tell you how 21 is a lucky number.

  6. Christyne says:

    WOW! Just WOW!!! Jason, this is an absolutely AMAZING message! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.

  7. elinjanne says:

    You are amazing – but I knew that.
    ( But xxx I didn`t know you looked so good in RIL).

  8. God bless you sir. You are a great speaker, doing a great thing.

    All the best,

    — Daniel

  9. Kiss says:

    Interesting video about life and God. I like it. Thanks

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