Be an Enabler + DVD Giveaway

There was a little bit of a snafu with the post so I’m extending the giveaway to Wednesday he night 9pm PST. If you list your Enabler before then, you’re in. Good luck!  Jh-
Two Great Enablers.  Florence & Elmer Hall

Two Great Enablers. Florence & Elmer Hall

We so often hear of people who are enablers. They encourage and allow others to continue their lives filled with bad habits. For example, if someone were living with an alcoholic and created an environment where alcohol was easily obtained, or easily accepted the excuses the alcoholic used to drink, that person would be designated an enabler; enabling the alcoholic to continue with their bad habit.

Over and over on the small and large screen and in print we see, hear, and read of enablers. We take note of these people working hard, or completely ignoring poor habits thereby perpetuating those habits or actions that hurt and damage lives.

Because of this new and popular way of utilizing the words enabler and enabling, they’ve taken on a negative connotation. But, it can be a powerful thing to enable. Putting our efforts toward enabling positive and moral actions and values can make a real difference in others lives for good.

The world today so badly needs enablers. It needs people enabling others to set goals and become better. The world needs people enabling positive mental attitudes, and promoting environments where serving others is more accepted and lauded. In these dark times there must be those willing to actively enable good works and moral strength in order to yield lives lived well.

As I look back at my life I know that I’m the person I am today because of the enablers who helped me along the way. In considering the enabling I’ve enjoyed in my life I remember the following people especially:

  • I think of my Grandma & Grandpa Hall who taught me to love others unconditionally and live a life filled with righteousness.
  • I think of my Grandma Ashby who taught me that there is no value in complaining.
  • I think of my parents, the ultimate enablers, who taught me to look for the good in every situation. They taught me the importance of being positive in the face of any adversity.
  • I think of Major Weaver, a scout leader, who taught me the importance of patriotism and love of country.
  • I think of Darren Haskins and Ben Hendry who allowed me to see how far a little kindness could go in a young boy’s life.
  • I think of Dave Checketts who gave me the opportunity to grow through the lives of great young men when most people wondered if I was ready to grow at all.
  • I think of Maren Mouritsen and Tammie Quick who taught me more about listening, leading and doing what’s right than most people ever have a chance to learn.
  • I think of Gary and Judy Coleman who taught me about acceptance because of the environment of acceptance they fostered in their home.
  • And, I think about Kolette whose pure love has allowed me to love more purely.

Although this list is far from complete, these enablers, along with countless others, have made a real, lasting difference in who I am today. I’m frightened to consider who I might have become had I not experienced the environments these people created and the motivation they provided.

We must enable. We must put people in situations where they can succeed. For, often that taste of success can push them forward and create in them a desire for more. We must show people that they can be better than they are, regardless of how good they are already. We must push people to do great things and become great people, and if we have pushed them a little we must push them even more.

In today’s world where people seem lost and character has become a word some can hardly define, positive enabling is the answer. We have to look for ways to further enable others to become the best they can be. Remember those who have enabled you, and take the opportunity to pay their work forward.

There are so many out there waiting to find out who they can become and what they can do. In many cases your enabling will be their answer.

Be an enabler.


In order to remind us all of the power of enabling, I am doing a giveaway associated with the enablers. Leave a comment where you name someone who has enabled you to become the good person you are today. The winner gets an autographed copy of my DVD. The contest closes at 9 PM PST Monday, April 20, 2009.


10 Responses to Be an Enabler + DVD Giveaway

  1. Dawn Tavela says:

    I know that we have all had the “negative’ enabler types in our younger years, but my mother has always been a positive, encouraging, enabling force in my life. She has taught me great patience and acceptance. To this day, she is still my best friend.

  2. Chris Flynn says:

    My best enabler changed my life in 1972. She was the mother of a patient in the nursing home where I was the activity director. Luccha Vogel was a Christian Science Practitioner who appreciated my involvement with her mother. Luccha said the words that changed my life and my future: “Chris, God has something special in mind for you to do.”

    A few years later I attended an inspirational talk by someone named Henry Rucker, who, in the middle of his talk looked right at me and pointed and said “God wants to know what you are waiting for.”

    These two messengers enabled me to do “God’s work” in my daily life, to put myself in a position where I can help others. Mostly, like the pebble tossed into still waters which creates a ripple effect, I pass on those inspiring and enabling (and very true) statements when and where ever I can. I love the look of realization when I’ve touched a deep core in someone I’m encouraging.

    Thanks Jason, for allowing me to share this.
    Many blessings to you and your sweet family.

  3. michelle says:

    My enabler would be my daughter Jessica. Although she is only 8, she has taught me to see the world in a more colorful and patient manner. She has the spirit of my mom and great grandmother all rolled up into one little spirit. Her laughter comes from the gut and can change any situation. She was a child that God definitely graced us with and one that tried coming at 26 weeks. She is an incredible young lady who enables me to see and live life to it’s fullest.

  4. Rose says:

    This post was powerful. We hear so much negative that to hear a positive post is inspiring. i have been so bless in my life to have many people who have enabled me to be a better person. The first person(besides my incredible Mom) is a leader when I was a young woman in high school. We had a few problems going on in our home that most people knew nothing about-even my closest,dearest friends. However, this special leader had a way of knowing that I must of needed a little extra love and kindness. She had a way about her that made me feel special and loved. By her loving me I feel that she enabled me to look into other peoples hearts–as she did mine–and know the true person.

    We all need more people to see our hearts.

  5. Cheryl says:

    My mother is one of my greatest enablers. She knew me well and my stubborn tendencies. She would tell me over and over when I was growing up, “use your stubbornness for what is right. Choose to follow God’s Word and don’t let anyone sway you from those convictions.” I listened and am still listening. Her voice would echo back to me when I would be tempted to follow the crowd or make a poor decision. She enabled me to stand up for what was right. She helped funnel one of my worst habits into something positive and life-changing.

  6. Sara Amuso says:

    My mom is the greatest enabler for me — when I was going to night school and working hard to earn money and get my degree, she would always give me an encouraging word and tell me I can do it! I would have an extremely hard class and she would say I know you will succeed … to this day, that has encouraged me and enabled me to do things I didn’t think I could.

  7. KristiG says:

    So many enablers, so little comment space! My most recent enabler is my 2 year old daughter, who was born with a heart defect that required open heart surgery when she was 6 months old. She also has Down Syndrome. Through these difficulties, she has enabled me to be more patient, to trust God and hand over our problems to Him, and to enjoy seeing her learn and achieve and overcome. She’s a superhero, to be sure!

  8. Julie says:


    What a powerful post on your blog today….and really makes you think.

    I think the greatest enabler in my life has to be my husband of nearly 17 years, followed by my kids, and my parents.

    I was at a rough patch in my life when I met my husband in college. With his love and patience, I learned to love and trust again…which was so hard for me to do because of past experiences.

    And now nearly 20 years later, we have five most precious children who teach me things every day….we are all finding joy in our journey together.

    I am learning to not take a single day for granted and am so thankful for my family!


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  10. Mikl says:

    I seem to remember he couldn’t fight anything that was yellow and once he was put into an all yellow room. I don’t remember how he got out but he did. Thanks for reminding me of that.

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