A Thousand Bars Of Gold

August 21, 2009

Bars Of Gold

What if earlier today when you opened up the mailbox to get the daily mail amidst all the coupons and bills you found a letter from a law firm you’d never heard of—a  law firm that said they specialized in final estates? What if upon opening the letter from said law firm, you found a long-lost, unknown uncle had left you something in his will? What if you later found that this long-lost, unknown uncle was unfathomably wealthy, and what if you found out that, for whatever reason, he decided to leave you a thousand bars of gold?

Let’s further say that one of the conditions of receiving these bars of gold was that you had to take them with you from the reading of the will. Obviously, because of the weight and size of a thousand bars of gold no one expected you to be able to throw them in the trunk of your car, so transportation was provided.

Unfortunately, the provided transportation was a flatbed truck. No security, no armored car, just a regular, old, flatbed truck.  The long-lost unknown uncle did make sure that the truck had the capacity to carry the weight, and made sure the transportation was provided to you free of charge (not that you’re really worried about the truck rental charge at this point)—but that was it.

Would you take a thousand bars of gold home with you? Would you think of all the other things you had otherwise scheduled for the day and just figure that it would be easier to move the bars on the weekend? Would you put them in a storage garage? Would you leave them unwatched and unprotected?

Of course not! You would leave the reading of the will and do everything you could to get those bars to a place that was safe and secure. You would find a bank that very day that could keep this kind of precious commodity in a safe that you felt was, well, safe. You would most likely continually research other places that also had vaults to make sure that your bars of gold were in the safest place that could possibly be. And, you would most assuredly keep them protected and make sure their value is constantly monitored.

You would do everything in your power to make sure this precious, valuable, gift was safe.

Interestingly enough each of us has something just as valuable as those thousand bars of gold. It’s our attitude. A positive mental attitude can make more difference in our lives than any amount of money.  Yet, so often we are completely casual with our attitudes.  We don’t do anything to protect it.

We allow media filled with negativity to infiltrate and influence our minds.  TV, books. Articles, music filled with “can’t do” ideas are almost invited to sell their snake oil of worthlessness, sorrow, frustration and, not good enough to our souls.

These concepts steal away our ability to think positively.  As bad as the concepts themselves are, the people that sell them are worse.  They are those people who cannot find any good anywhere.  Their mouths spew nothing but negativity—and they are thieves.  They steal away our opportunity to see the best and fill our minds with the worst.

None of us would ever let these types of bandits around our bars of gold, and we should, in the same vein, keep them from our precious attitudes.  We must therefore protect our mindsets from those who would degrade them, and simply decide that the risk is too high to interact with anyone or invest in anyplace that does anything but raise our self worth keeping it safe and secure

When we do, we give ourselves the opportunity for the best life. Obviously, there is no guarantee that will live free of difficulty and hardship. But, when we protect our positive attitudes with the safety of Fort Knox, we know that regardless of how difficult a challenge or how hard the day we can make it through.

When your attitude is protected as well as a thousand bars of gold, every day will be filled with riches.


Go Wonderful

August 19, 2009

So much of what we hear on the radio today is music filled with lyrics about how horrible life can be. You don’t have to listen very long to hear about “bad days” and how “life sucks.” Regardless of the genre it seems like the airwaves, iTunes and music stores are filled with anthems about frustration, loss, and indifference. It’s all about the worthlessness of life.

Recently, I came across a different kind of song named “Wonderful” by the artist Gary Go. It’s a new kind of anthem, and it speaks about a new way of looking at life. Part of the lyrics read:

If what you’ve lost cannot be found
And the weight of the world weighs you down
No longer with the will to fly
You stop to let it pass you by
Don’t stop to let it pass you by
You gotta look yourself in the eye
Say, “I am”
Say, “I am”
Say, “I am wonderful”
Oh you are.

It’s a great song to listen to, and can be a wonderful pick me up. Don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds of music and have one of the most extensive and eclectic iTunes libraries you’ll find out there. But in the middle of all the stuff that can sometimes be a downer, it’s nice to have Gary Go to remind me that I am “Wonderful.”


Here’s a video of the entire song. Enjoy!