About Jason

Jason Hall helps others find their “Champion Inside” as he motivates them to improve their mindset and attitude allowing them to improve their ability to succeed.  He has done so for companies and individuals across the nation and around the world.  He uses his powerful story, weaved with humor, to motivate groups to set and achieve higher goals.  After a “Jason Hall” presentation people want to be better, use gratitude in their lives, and persist through any difficulty.

At 15, a diving accident caused Jason to become a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. Jason was told that he would never live away from home, never attend college, never marry, and he would not be able to provide for himself or his family.

However, through his own tenacity and lust for life, Jason overcame his disability.  He graduated High School, entered Brigham Young University, where he was elected Student Body President of BYU’s over 22,000 students.  He met and married his wife Kolette, and was recruited for a position at Mutual of New York as an insurance and investment planner.  In his first months there he became one of the youngest members of the Million Dollar Round Table—establishing himself as a part of the top six percent of those in his profession.

Then at 27, tragedy found Jason again.  Traveling on the freeway his front tire exploded, causing a second life-threatening accident.  He was injured so badly that he was hospitalized for 13 months followed by an additional 9 years of therapy, intermittent hospitalization, and over 30 additional surgeries.

Through it all, Jason found success again.  He is currently the president of The Champion Institute where he has taught his principles for success to over 2,000 groups all over America, from Hawaii to the Caribbean, as well as in Europe and Canada.

Something triumphant occurs when we become our best selves.  The skills Jason teaches empower each to do just that.  He motivates people to be the best they can be.  Jason’s presentations are filled with wit, clarity, and emotion that cause others to want to do a little more to be a little better each and every day.

12 Responses to About Jason

  1. I was just checking out our class website from Borah & was looking at everyone’s picture & web page. Of course, I remembered you – who doesn’t?! 🙂 I just wanted to leave a quick note regarding your ‘blog’ entries. You are verrry inspiring & sure make one appreciate what they’ve got going for them. Great words!! You have obviously found your life’s work! Congrats!!!

  2. I really admire you, Jason Hall, Champion Inside. Just to be alive is something so precious and being successful like you are, inspite of all that happened to you, is a shining example for all of us. My life, compared to yours, has been a very happy one–though there were some life-threatening moments. Like during WWII, when I was just released from being a Prisoner of War in France and was lying in a hospital in Southern Germany, recovering from Scarlet fever and American bombs fell left and right from our building. We were lucky and I am still alive. I am now 87 and feel happy about that. Please visit my website.

  3. I found you through your lovely wife, Kolette. I’m so happy I did!

    renee pearson

  4. Susan Berger (Spivey) says:

    I stumbled on this. I went to school at Hillcrest with Jason. I remember him doing a presentaion/ commercial for life cereal for a school project. He commanded my attention during his commercial, even in the sixth grade. It seems like he had this “champion” inside, even before his very unfortunate trials. He stood out as a very confident, smart leader in elementary school. I left idaho in the 7th grade. moved to california and never knew of Jason’s struggles until now. It seems that His parents instilled certain principles that he was able to draw from. It’s awesome that He’s sharing his story and those same principles he’s learned, to encourage others. Way to go Jason!!! God Bless You for having the heart of a Champion!!!!

  5. Very nice blog with some wonderfully inspirational stories. Thanks Jason.

  6. Jason, Gratitude is the most powerful force in our universe, and you reminded me that everyday we have something to be grateful for. I was so unhappy constantly looking at the things that were not showing up in my life, that I had completely missed all the blessings I have right now.

    Since the day I saw your video, I have changed forever. When I started to be grateful for the things I have right now, that day so many more began to show up in my life. My life, my business, began to grow. Thank you.

    I am forever grateful for you and your story of courage.

    With Much Gratitude,
    Shannon Jaklic

  7. woww.. i want to get this page dled to my g1 that way i can show my cousin, but i cant find a way.. could teach me how please??

  8. This is a very well written blog! I enjoyed it very much! Very inspirational, which I think everyone could use every now and again. Here is my blog if you would care for a visit.

  9. Jong Blend says:

    It goes without saying to listen carefully. Ace it the first time through.

  10. ignatius says:

    Hi Jason,
    I chanced upon your blog and realized that you posses immense strength and courage to live life. The best part is you selflessly impart others with your attitude. You have made my day better! Keep it going dude.

  11. Alec Andrus says:

    Hi Brother Hall,

    As I was preparing for the lesson for the 12-13 year olds tommorow about the uses of adversity, I thought of you and looke for your blog. I remembered your inspiring talk to our young men and women when you were a senior at Borah. I remembered the devotion of your friend. I remembered your inspired talk at your grandmother’s funeral. Thanks for your example. May the Lord bless you. Alec Andrus, Boise

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