Taking Her For “Granite”

February 14, 2011

Early 1992

It wasn’t long after acquiring my BA in English from BYU that I noticed I’d become something of a stickler about the proper use of the English Language.  Hearing people say that a point was “mute” instead of “moot”, that they were doing “good” instead of “well”, or that they’d taken a person for “granite” instead of “granted” about drove me up a wall.

I’ve gotten better about it in the past nearly twenty years, but from time to time, I still end up finding myself correcting others.  Not that I don’t think they should learn the proper way to use their native tongue, I’m just not sure they should have to learn that lesson while they’re waiting for their table at Chilis.

Earlier this year, sitting somewhere hoping that Kolette could get better faster, heal more quickly, and get out of the hospital, I heard someone talk about how they’d taken their loved one for Granite.  As I worked to suppress the desire to correct them, I thought aboutt what they were saying  and learned that I felt the same way.

When you take a person for granted, your assuming that they are just always going to be there, and that since you believe they’ll always be around, you don’t nurture or take care of them.

Now there’s no doubt that I take Kolette for granted–I try not to, but I know that I do, and that I probably have in some form or another since the middle of October 1991 when we went on our first date.

But, I do believe I take her for “granite” too.  Granite is one of the hardest rocks in the world.  People build on and with the stuff all over the world, because it’s strong, sturdy and beautiful to boot.  This last year, when Kolette was so sick, and there was talk about her not making it, I was scared to death because I began to realize how much of my life was built on her indomitable strength.  Those who know her, in person or through the net, know what I’m talking about.  What’s more, is she has a way of sharing that strength, so that just by knowing her you find yourself stronger than you ever thought you could be.

She’s also the definition of sturdy.  She’s confident.  She know who she is, and isn’t afraid to let you know. That kind of courage is difficult to find.  And Kolette has a way of making those around her feel more confident and sturdy about who they are as well.  That sturdiness also translates to a dedication that’s unparalled. When Ko decides she’s going to something, you’d better get on board, or get out of the way.

But, as strong, and sturdy as Kolette is, she’s even more beautiful.  Both inside and out she is simply the most beautiful person i’ve ever know.  I love to be around her.  I can truly say, that I have never been in a place, or experienced a day that wasn’t more beautiful because she was in it.

I love her, and that’s the truth.  In fact, even with my BA in English I still don’t have the words to describe how much.

And on this Valentines Day, I’m going to try not to take her for “granted” and enjoy her strength, be grateful for her sturdiness, and revel in her strength instead.

In short, I’m going to take her for “granite”

I love you Ko,