“Jason is one of the most outstanding speakers in the country. He has a strong delivery, a great story and an inspiring message.”

– David Checketts
Chairman, SCP Worldwide


“I have never seen a stronger delivery. The audience wanted to embrace Jason. He deserved every one of the multiple standing ovations he received.”

– Michelle Hoesley
Past Director Main Platform, Million Dollar Round Table


“He has the unique gift of touching others at their very core.”

– Robert Castiglione
President, LEAP Systems


“Jason was spectacular. The principles he taught changed the way our people looked at their lives and will change their performance in the workplace. A home run!”

– Kurt Schneiber
Executive Director, Citibank


“At the end of the day we all hope that we can live with some portion of the strength and ‘Champion’ attitude Jason conveys.”

– Tony Fenton
Vice-President, First Union

“Jason’s message is definitely in my top ten list. He made me laugh and made tears come to my eyes, but most of all he touched my heart.”

– Randy Tate


One Response to Testimonials

  1. SugarDaddy says:

    I have been very impressed with the amount of effort and work that has gone into the site. I am very grateful for your effort.

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